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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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he provided to the nation and i was frankly sorry to see it because it's clearly inaccurate and not the kind of smear you'd expect from somebody like general powell. >> sean: well said and disappointing. i was disappointed when i heard it. >> exactly. >> sean: ronald reagan and bush 41 and bush 43 and the republican party, he has now moved to the left, obviously, not supporting policies that are conservative and it seems like a political attack. >> no, i think it clearly was. look, sean, you know better than anybody, this nation is at a crossroads and we're facing a huge challenge internationally, in terms of the threats posed to us from terrorist organizations like al-qaeda and a usage threats at home in terms of having a president that's unwilling to deal with the fiscal issues, unwilling to deal with the debt crisis and addicted to more spending and spending is the answer to our problems and i think the republican party is our last best hope, i'm proud to be a conservative,
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and proud to be a republican and i was disappointed to see general powell smear his party that way. >> sean: thank you for being with us. >> you, too, sean. thank you. >> sean: that's all the time we have this evening, let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record and we'll see you tomorrow night. >> and tonight, manti mania or should we call it hoax-gate. either way it's all anyone can talk about. what do you, what do his notre dame teammates think about the scandal? well, you're about to find out. plus, the super bowl former winning nfl coach is here to talk about that and manti's future. all that and much more ahead, "on the record" starts right now. >> you've he probably been hearing about this all morning. >> this is amazing, an amazing story. >> notre dame linebacker manti te'o now says he's the victim of a very cruel prank. >> a story that's so bizarre that we're all talking about it, still trying to put the pieces of this together.
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>> the big question is, was it a hoax and was he a victim? >> why me? why them? why-- >> the only thing that's clear is that somebody somewhere is laying on the blarnney. >> the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never be able to trust in the same way again. >> and if he's in on the hoax and somebody pulled it off, how did he get into notre dame. >> it's a very dark time. >> and my question is, if a 21-year-old kid says my girlfriend died of leukemia, do you go and ask for a death certificate? everyone was duped on this. >> and have questions, not why, just what would it be like. i wonder how it would be like if she was still here. >> this is one of the most bizarre stories, situations we've ever experienced in anything. >> i tell you what, if this keeps up, it's going to eclipse lance armstrong on oprah tonight. >> this has been a fast-moving story just in the past hour
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and it has shifted considerably. >> unfortunately, the best information we have at this time, as i said, indicates the u.s. citizens are among the hostages, but we don't have at this point more details to provide you. >> this incident will be resolved, we hope with a minimum loss of life. >> this is a hostage situation, our first priority is for the safety and the security of the people involved. >> everything that i see would indicate to me that this was a planned operation for some time. >> the security of our americans who are held hostage is is our highest priority, but we care deeply about the other algerian and foreign hostages as well. >> what's wrong in the world is not that there's too much capitalism. the problem in the world is there's not enough of it. my problem with where health care is, it's very government-controlled and it's becoming more government-controlled so it's the opposite of free enterprise capitalism. >> all that and more in just
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minutes away, first, manti mania. notre dame football star manti te'o in the center of a big hoax, at the the victim or in on the hoax. and a teammate calling him a liar. >> and joining us with the latest facts on this story and jack, before we get to your conversations with teammates of him, i'm curious, set the stage. what are the facts as we know it tonight? >> well, the facts are so convoluted. it's such a long, deep rabbit hole where the story comes from. the quick version is that here you have manti te'o, star linebacker, notre dame, goes on to come in second place in heisman trophy ballots. he had this girlfriend he allegedly met a few years ago, she allegedly was diagnosed with leukemia and he kind of rode this wave of this tragic love story that happened to coincide on the same day as
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his grandmother's died, this fictitious girlfriend passed away and he was crying on the side line of the michigan win michigan state in september, michigan state was ranked 10th and notre dame went on to play for the bcs championship and the story had a life of its own and a pretty fantastic expose', this woman never existed. never went to stanford, didn't graduate from there, she is not the a real person, she's a madeup character in this fairy tale. >> you've spoken to some of his college teammates. what do they think tonight? >> one of the teammates i spoke with said that he knew something was fishy right after that michigan state game. he said that it was just too big of a coincidence that here you have the grandmother and this fictitious girl friend
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passing away on the same day. it was like, you couldn't write it any better. it was na kind of situation and he said the players talked among themselves and they questioned the validity of the story, but nobody confronted te'o. which is pretty interesting, but he was the team leader, the face of the program, the senior. so, i can imagine that would be a difficult thing to do, but he said that although he says manti lied, he said he thinks he did it because the media grabbed on to this lie and then he felt like, he had to probably keep going with it, but the interesting thing which is deadspin revealed in the article, they found the person behind the fictitious account and this man is apparently a friend of manti te'o's and he has a history of using a phony cover talking with different people on social media, including other athletes and there's a huge conspiracy and the question is how deep was manti involved and did he know about it? and this player seems to think
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he was originally duped by the fake online account and figured it out at some point and couldn't get out of the lie and kept going with it for the attention. >> is manti well-liked among teammates? some teammates are heroes to the other teammates and he game in second in the heisman, a very successful athlete or is he one that they don't particularly care for? >> in the last few months, i talked to several notre dame players and asked a number of them about manti's character and i asked, is the image we're seeing, is that real? because greta, you know as a journalist, as a reporter a lot of of what you see is not what you get. a lot of pr machines and spin and easy to kind of play a role in the public eye and i asked them and i was told he was the real deal. that he was a stand-up guy. so, people are complex. i guess you can be both. you can get yourself deep into something maybe you don't know how to get out of and be a good person at your core, but
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there's a lot left to learn about the situation, a pretty incredible story, i think. >> is there any actual proof to tie him into the hoax being one of the architects and not being duped by the hoax? >> architect is an interesting word. in the deadspin piece, they layout a massive timeline shows many, many contradictions from manti himself. here is the most interesting thing, i think about this. his own father was on the record in various publications saying this is when my son met this girl. she came to hawaii several times while our son was home to spend time with him. we were supposed to meet this girl. so, was the father in on this? was he just going along with what his son had told him? it's very hard to know, but if you look at the timeline of things, it's clear that at some point, manti te'o contradicted himself all over the place, so he either was in on it from the beginning or he at some point in the process learned what was going on, but kept going and kept
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perpetuating the lie. >> i think one of the incidents, the article talks about december 6th when he said he became aware of the hoax and i think then on december 8th he was perpetrating it by talking about it again, about his dead girlfriend two days later. >> yes, i saw that as well. and that's just one of the-- here is the problem. when you tell one lie, people will bash your credibility. he had said from the very beginning, which this teammate also told me, quote, we knew he had met her once. so, he said that he met this woman in person after a football game in 2009 at stanford university. that was a lie. even based on notre dame's statement and the statement that manti te'o put out saying this was strictly an online relationship. he so, just how one lie really hurts his credibility even though a lot of people date on the internet and they don't tell their own families about it, i think a lot of people are so embarrassed. but the one lie from the beginning could hurt him assuming he wasn't in on it from the beginning and it's going to be hard for him to be believable unless he gives us
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some type of relegitimate proof. >> jackie, thank you. >> you're welcome, thanks. >> and whether manti te'o was in on the plot or truly is a victim will the uproar over the giant hopes hurt his future? does he have a shot at nfl. and now a fox football analyst, nice so see you, coach. >> yes, ma'am. >> i have to confess i have a large amount of sympathy for this young man because of his age. and even if he's up to his eyeballs in it, but as a coach, will it fare how he gets into the nfl? >> not likely, based on what we now know and it's changing on an hourly basis. when you look now, manti te'o, based on most i talk to, clearly a top 15 pick, maybe a top ten pick andhis is going to change that status. obviously when players have received an incredible amount
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of scrutiny of these players between now and the draft and there's going to be any number of teams that are going to want to spend time with manti te'o about this and get a better understanding what happened. when you look at the landscape of players coming into the nfl between now and april, the end of april when the draft, regrettably there will be a number of players, that there's going to be drug allegations, failing a drug test, possible dui's that are found out, illegal altercations, any number of things that will come out about young people that will engage in those types of things. so when you look at all of this made about manti te'o, it's really kind of inane compared to some of the other things that will come out about other athletes that seriously would concern nfl clubs, so, i don't see this as being anything substantial as long as it is what it is right now affecting his status. >> and michael vick after playing in the nfl, got himself in a mess and plaxico
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burress and a lot of players got themselves in trouble. i'm curious, when you look at the full compliment of young players out there, an awful lot of talent. if one has a personal problem, the coach considers whether or not it's sort after fleeting thing or infect the whole team over time? >> well, certainly, if you're talking about young people, anytime you're talking about transitioning in the nfl and keep in mind, these clubs are going to set, they're going to look at these young men eye to tie and they basically become partners because you're going to end up giving millions of dollars to these players, you want to to if they're going to be a good partner. they recognize that young people are young people and do stupid things at times. you have to ask yourself, whatever has gone on in a young person's life up to this point, is it exhibiting their character, you need to worry about that or just young people doing stupid things, making stupid mistakes, like we all did when we were young? and that's really what you try to focus in upon at the combine which happens in indianapolis, you only have 15
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minutes to spend officially with each of these athletes, but there's hours upon hours upon hours that take place on your training staff, coaching staff where you interact with these players in their-- at their home colleges, in their homes, down where they train to find out if you can kind of peer into the soul, if you will, into the eyes of these players because they clearly are going to become your partners and you want to get a sense of what their character is about and if nothing else, if you do bring them on to your team, whatever issues they may have, how do we help them transition into a very public, very, what can sometimes be an overwhelming life in the nfl. >> how good is he? i realize a linebacker, finalist for the heisman, an extraordinary talented young man, but is he that good? >> he's outstanding. when you're talking about, you know, being a top ten pick, a top 15 pick, a top 20 pick, anywhere in the first round, you're he talking about an elite athlete that any club that drafts him in the first
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round will kind of tag him as their franchise player at least for this year's draft. yeah, at least on tape and based on the conversations i've heard outside of this business, both on the field and off the field, he's an exemplary character never been an issue brought up that i'm aware of that people don't think that this guy is just not a stellar athlete both on and off the field. >> want to make a prediction on sunday night for your old baltimore ravens? did you see, by the way, see flacco, his pass in the last 31 seconds last week? >> yeah, which was an incredible weekend. you know, it's -- yeah, did a show for the nfl network over the weekend so i'm not going to tip my hand. i'll give you a score, 30-28 and won't tell you who has the 30 and who has the 28. >> and that's an amazing, who would have guessed that last 31 seconds and then go into a double overtime in that ravens game. a phenomenal game. >> yeah, it's amazing, sometimes you look at the safety of this league and want to yell, back up! because clearly that's the ravens
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game, but that's what the nfl is about, a great weekend and i think it's going to be a great weekend coming up. >> little disappointing for me i'm an owner of one share of green bay packers, but onward to the rest of the season and watch the rest of the season and root for everybody. coach, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and news of the hoax shocking sports fans from coast to coast tonight, but some of the most surprised te'o's fellow students at notre dame. they're demanding an explanation. craig wallace live at notre dame in south bend, indiana. craig, what are the students saying tonight? >> boy, they are saying they really want to hear from manti te'o and want to know what really happened here. this is' so much speculation on this campus as well as across the country, greta. people just don't know what to believe. some are cynical saying he had to know and others saying, he's such a good kid, he just got duped. they just don't know what to believe. some say they're having a hard time wrapping their mind around what really happened and how did this whole hoax
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could have gone on. >> notre dame their official statement, said he they got the information the day after christmas and found out about the hoax, but they seemed to be behind him and believe his version of the events. >> yeah, you know, he found out on the 6th when he got that phone call from the voice of the woman that he thought was his girlfriend, saying i'm not dead. and then it was a couple of weeks until he actually told other people, and so, you know, you just wonder what was going on. i heard previous people saying, now, that he did these interviews after that phone call, so, you've just got to wonder what was going on in his mind and people here are saying, was he in some way complicit? they want to know. >> is notre dame going to take any action, do any internal investigation? >> they have an investigation that's been launched since they found out. they're still trying to ferret things out, you know, everyone seems to be pointing to this
7:17 pm
friend of manti te'o's the one behind it, but trying it to get to the truth and trying to find out who was behind this cat-fishing. >> you know, it's funny, i look at the story and it's just developing and don't know what extent he was involved in the hoax or not, but at least tonight, i'm somewhat sympathetic, he's a very young man, 22 years old in the spotlight at a very young age and very talented and you know, if he's up to his eyeballs in it, it was profoundly stupid, but it seems that the publicity of this is punishment enough. >> you know, he has been through a lot. and that's what some of the folks on campus is saying, there is a real tragedy and feel sorry for him having to go through it and believe the grief when this so-called girlfriend died was real. some wonder what he knew after december 6th, did that impact his national championship game. there's just so much to this
7:18 pm
that's still going to come out and people want to hear from him and the sad part about this is, that they may never get the truth. we understand that he's now hired a high profile pr firm, probably getting pr coaching and people here wondering if there's just going to be a statement come out or read a statement and not take questions, if that happens boy, that sounds to people here like, hey, is this more of a coverup, is the truth being suppressed? so, you know, you've got to wonder what's going to play out the next couple of days. >> he didn't ask me for advice, but if he can come out and tell it all and put it behind him. but if he puts out it drip, drip, drip, it will be painful and for a long time. craig, thank you. do you think that manti te'o will ever speak out on the scandal? is he in on the hoax and does the linebacker have any shot of being drafted? pull up greta wire and tell us. and breaking news about the
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americans held hostage in algeria. a live report from algeria is next. and old school john mackie comparing obamacare to fascism, why doesn't he like obamacare. we went to whole foods and he'll tell you about it coming up. and plus, who is cheating now? this time, it's not john edwards, it's not lance armstrong. so who is it? this will definitely surprise you. that answer coming up. testosterone to his underarm. axiron, the only underarm treatment for low t, can restore testosterone levels back to normal in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions
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>> this is a fox news alert. there's breaking news about the american hostages held in algeria. and writer rabbani is in algeria with the latest. >> we have five americans in
7:23 pm
the site, two successfully escaped from them, and two were injured and one is still missing and this is the latest news from the site. >> greta: you say one is still missing, one american. is the site still being held by the hostage takers? are they-- or has the site now been taken over by the algerian authorities? >> of course, the site now is taken by algerian army and algerian forces now are checking the site, but according to look after may maybe-- in the site, but when we say that still american man missing, missing, means that we are talking about the latest news that we have. we didn't hear the come from the government to talk about the real person who died in
7:24 pm
the site. >> greta: now jennifer griffin, one of my colleagues here, reported the man missing apparently is from the state of texas and i'm curious, did any of these-- any of the kidnappers were they at all in the last 24 hours, were they able to leave the area and taken this man with him or perhaps he was never part of the group that was taken hostage? >> good question. we know that the kidnappers get the site after five o'clock a.m. in the the morning, local time and we, we miss the information about the first 15 minutes so it could be, it could be that one little girl from the kidnappers, and three americans with them and went away. so maybe we can follow this, this probability, but we have
7:25 pm
to wait until the algerian government and maybe see more and understand more about what's happened. >> greta: why did they take them hostage in the first place? did they ever make any demand for ransom or issue any sort of reason why they took these particular people hostage including this american? >> i think that they did it in quick time, they-- in really quick time and they didn't think about the outcome and this is the kind of -- this is of al-qaeda, generally when they take decision in short of time, generally they don't know the outcome. i think that the al-qaeda should see this point carefully. >> greta: thank you very much, sir. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> greta: up next, an extraordinary businessman, whole foods ceo john mackie from a tiny business in an old
7:26 pm
house to more than 300 stores worldwide. what is his secret to success. john mackie is here to tell you and plus the inside look of how his mega business operates. also a new twist in the most bizarre murder trial. a friend of jodi arias taking the witness stand. what did the friend say arias told her 24 hours after arias allegedly slit her boyfriend's throat in the shower. you'll see at that stunning testimony for yourself right here. don't go away. as one, two... well, just one. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop.
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>> whole foods ceo john mackie sparking controversy comparing obamacare to fascism. does he stand by that statement? he's going to tell you. first, over 300 whole foods worldwide and 70,000 employees, and what is his secret to enormous success. he not only owns a company that changed the way that people eat and shop, but the new book, conscious capitalism", we spoke to him at one of the busiest whole foods in new york city. people may not know, but when they read the book it almost started in a garage, this business, right? >> not quite like apple computer, not that kind of garage, but we did start in an old house that was only a 2000 square feet back in 1978. >> greta: except that in one part of the book, it caught my attention in the the beginning you were actually having to take your showers in the dishwasher. >> that's the house, called
7:31 pm
safer way and my girlfriend who co-founded the company with me, we lived on the third floor and there was no baths or showers in the store, so when we had to bathe we'd get into the-- climb into the dishwasher and they had the thing that hang down and shower there. >> and it had a flood? >> when we relocated, austin had a flood and wiped out our store, bankrupt. >> why do you think the people, you talk about the people who came in and helped. once you had that flood, that it was almost sort of a breaking point the way i read it in your book, that the business could have gone belly up at that point. >> it could have, no one was more surprised than me when we came up and there were dozens of customers helping us clean up the store, why did they do it? because they loved us. whole foods was important to them. they didn't want us to die and
7:32 pm
if they hadn't helped us there may not be a whole foods and we may not be talking right now. >> is that part of the conscious capitalism? in the 1970's, sort of the less people thought that capitalism was the greedy people, the cheats, the people trying to squeeze every dime out of somebody else, but your book talks about conscious capitalism which is something different. >> yes. well, i think the critics of capitalism have hijacked the narrative. they, they judge business by the worst practitioners, by the bernie madoffs, the enrons and treat business as selfish, greedy and exploitive, and it doesn't have to be that way, we're making tremendous progress due to business and capitalism. >> have you always felt that way about capitalism, embraced it and thought it was something inspiring and lifted people up. >> no.
7:33 pm
>> what happened? >> when i was young, i believed in the myth that business was selfish and greedy and i certainly didn't want to be a business person. it was never my ambition, once i did-- once we did start whole foods and i did have a meet a payroll and i was having trouble. i mean, we had our team members wanted higher pay and our customers saw our prices were too high and suppliers, we were small and wanted to give them discounts, so we lost half of the capital. we had $45,000 to start with and 23,000 of it the first year and renee and i only got paid 200 a month and people were saying i was, you know, kind of a bad guy now because i was a business person, so, i threw out that philosophy, didn't work, and i began to read widely and i read a number of free market economists like frederick hi hayek and others and discovered these worked better than the philosophy
7:34 pm
previously. we create value for customers, employees, suppliers, investors for the communities we're part of. business people are heroic, we're not the bad guys, we're the good guys. >> greta: has capitalism been demonized over the years? >> it's blamed for the the problems in the world when he in fact capitalism is the solution to most of the problems in the world. what's wrong in the world is not that there's too much capitalism, the problem in the world is there's not enough of it. >> greta: where does -- where is the problem then? how come so many people can't seem to make it in business. a lot of people do make it, but a lot of people don't. what's in the way? >> well, we live in a competitive marketplace where customers get to vote. if you don't create value for them, they're going to your competitors, so, that's a great thing about business. competition forces business to improve and get better, and if it doesn't, if you can't-- if your competitors do a better job than you, you basically get voted out of
7:35 pm
existence, out of business. that's how we make progress in our society though. >> i take it government can be in the way or helpful depending on your viewpoint, compare for instance, the current decade of business with the prior decades? have regulations increased and they've made it easier or harder for you to work? >> well, regulations have increased every year since i got in the business. regulations are something that they don't get rid of them, they add new ones on. and that's one of the things we need to reform. we need to get rid of bad regulation, they layer on. it's harder to start up a business today than when i started 30, 40 years ago. >> do you consider yourself a libertarian, is that politically fair where you are? >> there's so much baggage with that term. i think of myself as conscious capital lift. >> that's the name of the book. >> there's a higher purpose rather than maximizing profits
7:36 pm
and money, it increases value for shareholders and not just investors and a different philosophy of leadership, where the leader serves the enterprise not just trying to line their own pockets. you have to create a culture that allows human beings to flourish. >> in a publicly owned business under conscious capitalism, explain to my in a board or the executive of the company can make a decision to maximize profits or make one that maybe they think is something more in tune politically whether it's for the environment or for good health, whatever, is that part of conscious capitalism you make a decision not to just go for the dollar? >> actually, conscious capitalism rejects the premise behind that question. >> greta: okay. >> the premise is there's trade-offs and you have to negotiate between the trade-offs, if you're doing something for the environment it must come at the expense of
7:37 pm
the investors. good conscious leadership is to define win, win, win strategies so all of these stake holders simultaneously winning, that's sometimes not easy requires imagination and creativity. >> greta: taxes and have you thought about our corporate tax rate? >> could have,we have the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world now. japan used to be number one and u.s. number two. they cut their rates and now when you combine state and federal taxes, the highest corporate tax rates in the world. >> greta: how does that affect your business? you're very successful, you're a rich man and how does it affect you and your employees. >> every dollar we pay in taxes is a dollar that we can't give back to the customers in lower prices, a dollar we can't pay to our team members and higher wages and benefits. it's a dollar that we can't give back to the suppliers with lower prices. it's a dollar that we can't donate fill v--
7:38 pm
fi -- and you need to hear this next, but the headlines are screaming scandal. a new cheater joining the ranks of tiger woods, arnold schwarzenegger and kristin stewart. who is it? well, that's coming up. and in two minutes, a 16-year-old is drunk driving and a mother finds a public way to punish him. is she teaching him a good lesson or going too far? you see what she did and tell us on greta wire. that's two minutes away. ♪
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>> forget taking away a computer or phone, an angry mother taking drastic measures for punishing her 16-year-old for drunk driving. what did the mother do? she decided to sell her son's truck and took out an unusual classified ad in the local newspaper. the ad says very mad mother selling 16-year-old son's 1993
7:41 pm
ford ranger, drove three months before the son forgot to use his brain and got caught driving drunk. $3500 or best offer, call meanest mother in wyoming. the mother is getting lots of support and a local radio posted her ad on the facebook page and more than 60,000 likes and people are showering the mom with praise. what do you think? is she a mean mother or do you agree with what she did? go to, and weigh in and tell us what you think. we're back in two. [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster is a fantastic experience. 30 shrimp for $11.99. i can't imagine anything better. you're getting a ton of shrimp, and it tastes really good! [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's 30 shrimp for just $11.99! choose any two of five savory shrimp selections, like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. two delicious shrimp selections on one plate! all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. 30 shrimp, just $11.99 for a limited time. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. i'm ryon stewart, i'm the ultimate shrimp lover,
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7:44 pm
the differences do i think it's socialistic and i gave a definition of socialism and fascism, and closer to that. and i didn't realize, there's so much emotional baggage with that term dating back to germany and spain and italy in world war ii, it's a loaded word, very politically incorrect. can't use it, so, now i just want to say i believe in free enterprise capitalism or conscious capitalism the way we've articulated in the book. my problem with where health care is, it's government controlled and more government controlled and opposite of free enterprise capitalism. >> greta: what's the problem with that. i take it you're not a fan of obamacare and i read your op-ed in the wall street journal. why don't you like obamacare? >> well, i think it's raising the costs for business. we have a great health care plan that our team members vote on every three years.
7:45 pm
>> greta: meaning your employees at whole foods. >> yeah. >> greta: okay. >> they like it. it's been a good -- we've been able to customize it, keep it very affordable and we can include everybody in it, so it's a really good plan and now, with the health care reforms, they're adding additional costs onto it, like we have to cover free checkups, checkups have to be free for physical things like that and cover people that are up to age 26. even though they're just dependents that have grown up. those aren't free, they cost things and with lobbying and crony capitalism with the health care act you'll see lots of new mandates on and determine what we can do. so our freedom to customize our health care plan to the best for our team members has been compromised. >> greta: and this health care is a growing nightmare for a lot of businesses, because of the costs. >> yeah. >> greta: and we have people really are unsure of what it's going to do to business. do you have a sense how it's going to affect your business
7:46 pm
in two years, three years, or four years? >> yeah, i can tell you generally what will happen. as the costs go up, you're not required to provide health care for part-time workers, under 30 hours, there will be a strong temptation for businesses to keep people under 30 hours, so they don't have to provide health care. and you will have a lot of part-time workers and fewer full-time workers, a lot of people underemployed. whole foods prided itself we've had a higher mix of full-time to part-time workers like 80% full-time and 20% part-time, which is very rare in retail, but as i suspect as our health care costs are driven up by health care reforms, we'll gradually lower our full-time ratio to a much lower number. >> greta: in your book, do you think that your ideas are easily converted to other types of industries? >> absolutely. so your book is not just limited to your business? >> absolutely not. we wrote this book primarily
7:47 pm
to help businesses become more conscious. i think that capitalism is the greatest thing in the world, but we can make it better if businesses can become more conscious on their higher purposes and begin to create value for all of their shareholders and stake holders, the world is going to be transformed. >> greta: if you could have five minutes with president obama to talk about what would make it easier to get more jobs in this country, any hints for him? >> cut corporate income tax and dial back on regulations. let entrepreneurs do their thing. they're creative individuals. we can solve all the problems that are in the world through our own creative entrepreneurship and through nonprofit social entrepreneurship and we need to liberate the entrepreneurial spirit and the heroic spirit of business. >> greta: nice to see you and good luck with the book. >> thanks, greta, good to see you, too. >> greta: there's so much more of our interview, you'll find the entire interview on and made, what did a woman say
7:48 pm
24 hours after she allegedly slit her ex-boyfriend's throat in the shower? her friend tells all to the jury and you'll hear it it yourself coming up. and another cheater. is this worse than senator john edwards or lance armstrong? you decide. that's all coming up. r-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy. with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year.
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>> okay, hate me about this one, but a world famous sandwich now a cheater? and that story topping our favorite social media posting of the day. the associated press tweeting subway crisis, is foot long sub actually 11 inches? that's the scandal of the length of the subway sub. an australian man posted a foot long sub next to a tape measure, only 11 inches long and more than people have liked that photo. and the man said that hollywood didn't resist getting into the act and jimmy fallon, manti te'o could have made up a girlfriend and lied about her death or as he put it, i'm going to talk it oprah, aren't are. rob lowe, the worst thing about it, the complicated names and notre dame star wasn't the only one that got
7:53 pm
bad news. glenn beck, leaving for my anniversary and my wife tells me she accidentally flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. and finally, some cool news from the economist, most foreigners have any idea to make a property gelato, an italian firm set up gelato university to teach them. sounds delicious, who caught your attention on twitter. let me know, hashtag greta. and now, to the very strange trial of the woman accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower. today the prosecution resting against jodi arias, not before calling her friend to the witness stand and the friend testified about a conversation she had with arias, the day after travis alexander's murder. and the friend told her that she and alexander agreed to stay friend. >> they had joked and laughed
7:54 pm
about the friend that at some point further on, they would see each other at the events and their children would play together and be friends. >> and when you say their children would play together and be friends, was that mr. alexander's children or-- >> separately. >> that she would have children and mr. alexander would have children and their children would play. >> yeah, she would indicate they would always be best friends. i do remember her saying that although they had broken up and weren't together anymore that they would be best friends. >> greta: and anchor troy hayden is live, i can't get the name straight. calling her arias, but it's arias. what happened today in court? >> it's interesting, you heard from the friend up there, point out before we begin that jodi arias' defense team admitted she committed this violent murder. here we are 24 hours later she goes to salt lake city for two different reasons, number one to have a first date with a man, that was established
7:55 pm
earlier on in the court case, and the second reason is to meet this friend of hers, while she's talking to the friend, she's talking about travis, and yeah, i think we'll be friends forever and our kids will play together, but she knows he's dead at the time and eerie to hear that. and the prosecutor kept talking to this woman you know her well, yeah, i do know her well, meek and mild and can't imagine her doing well. do you know jody well enough she would do this and put one of the pornographic pictures, i can't describe it in a different way, but pornographic and the courtroom is weird and the woman looked shocked, no i'd never she'd do this and how about this, no, i didn't know she'd do this. how about this and showed a picture of travis alexander on the floor murdered and she didn't tell you she murdered travis, that's how he rested his case, pretty dramatic ending to it. >> and i'm curious, the prosecution, have they established any motive, not that they're required to, what is their motive why the woman killed her ex-boyfriend,
7:56 pm
boyfriend whatever you want to call him in the shower? >> they were saying basically she was so jealous, she found out he was going to mexico with another woman and she couldn't take it and something happened she snapped and killed him. they they think premeditated and shot him and stabbed him 27 times. >> and the defense can put on a case or rest. is there any indication what the defense will do. will they be putting witnesses up? >> yeah, i believe they're going to do that, a reason why we'll have almost a two week break in the case and asked for felony murder to be dropped against her, and in arizona, you killed someone in further rance of a crime. and she had been a guest in the crime. she snapped, they're going to have to prove premeditated, which is harder to prove. >> greta: troy, always nice to see you. >> nice talking to you. >> greta: coming up, last
7:57 pm
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